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Supply Teaching- what you really need to know!

First thing:

  • Be prepared- start the night before by packing your ID, DBS and setting out an outfit for the next day. Don’t forget to set your alarm for an eye blurring time too!

  • In the morning- wake up early for your shower. You don’t want to be answering the phone with soapy hands!

  • How are you getting there?- the chances are you won’t be going to the school on your street so check bus timetables if you rely on public transport and if you are a driver then a SATNAV might be handy!

Getting there:

  • Traffic traffic traffic! - When you leave your house, add an extra 30 minutes onto whatever time you have in your head. You’ll need the extra time to get through the traffic. In any case it’s better to be early than late.

Once you have arrived:

  • Locate the reception- Not forgetting to smile, announce who you are and what you are doing there. Hand in your DBS and ID, most schools take photocopies and you won’t make a good impression by spilling out the contents of your bag trying to find them.

  • Priorities- if it is your first time there they will run through all their procedures with you. Make sure you ask two important questions- where are the toilets? And where is the staff room?

During the day:

  • Break and lunch times- Check you aren’t sitting in someone’s favourite seat! If you can, take your own mug, there’s nothing worse than drinking out of someone else’s mug! Don’t assume you can help yourself to the chocolates, cakes or biscuits on the table, no matter how tempting they are!

  • Try to join in with the conversation and make a good impression on the other members of staff.


  • At the end of the day- do not under any circumstances leave without tidying up the classroom, but don’t mess too much with the teacher’s desk.

  • Finally, don’t forget your timesheet and sign out before you go. If you enjoyed it, let the school know, flattery gets you everywhere remember!

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