Tell-tale signs half term is here!

Is your hair getting a little greyer? It can mean only one thing: you are about to emerge from the first stint of the year and you can taste the freedom of the half-term break.

  • You have a cold that you’re pretty sure is worse than anyone else’s in the staffroom. Scrap that: in the history of the world.

  • You’re taking your mug home to make sure it gets a proper wash!!

  • A bottle of wine is top of your shopping list

  • You look forward to the days during half-term when you can finally plan some lessons.

  • You quietly weep that this is what you are looking forward to.

  • Your highlighter has run dry.

  • You have a pile of books and end of term tests that need to be marked

  • You log off your school computer with a smile on your face

Hope you have a great half term!

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