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Warm up with these cool ideas on engaging students in PE in winter

Student fitness is vital all year round, but in the colder months delivering successful physical education can be a challenge for teachers. Here’s a roundup of the tips and tricks about how to engage students in PE during winter.

Plan ahead with the seasons in mind

Careful planning of the curriculum and extra-curricular provision can minimise pupil drop-off, and the curriculum is planned with the seasons in mind. For example, having football as an activity after Christmas as there is high motivation levels for this activity, which negates the impact of the weather as pupils are keen to do this regardless.

Lead by example

The teacher sets the standard and mentality of the class, if you are enthusiastic and eager to get stuck in regardless of the weather, the children will be more likely to engage.

Be creative with how you use indoor space

The key things for many are creativity, innovation and initiative of staff in terms of making indoor spaces work for pupils. It becomes a positive spiral where the teachers are constantly trying to keep the pupils engaged and pupils get drawn in by the constantly changing challenges.

Keep the lesson active and exciting

Realistically no one wants to be cold so it’s important to keep the lesson active with as few stops as possible. If children are excited by what they’re doing, they soon forget the cold.

Be flexible with what students can wear

Most PE staff wouldn’t wear shorts and T-shirts so can they expect their students to? Allowing flexibility in clothing gets buy-in from pupils.

Winter is a good time to consider inter-form sport

Inter-form competition involves a lot more pupils. You could also do tournaments at lunch or even before school instead of after school. There are lots of opportunities for older pupils to lead, coach and officiate younger pupils.

The Guardian Article


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