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8 reasons to consider supply teaching

If you’re thinking about teaching on a supply basis, it’s worth finding out why many teachers have already chosen this route.

There are numerous reasons why teachers choose to do supply work: here are eight good ones.


While most teachers can only plan their holiday at set times to fit in with the school year, supply teachers are free from such constraints, so they can benefit from off peak travel prices. But that’s not the only type of flexibility that supply work offers. You can decide on the days you want to work and you can have days off whenever you want them.


Planning, target-setting, assessments, and meetings are all part and parcel of a teacher’s daily work. But supply teaching can provide relief from these tiring tasks. You can turn up to a school at 8:30am and leave a school not having to worry about meeting targets and deadlines.


Most teachers stay in schools for years, in fact, some never get to experience life in any other school. While this may offer familiarity, security and other benefits, some supply teachers feel that they could be missing out. With supply teaching you can gain a wider range of experience in different schools.


Some teachers find it hard to say goodbye to the classroom, and like the fact that they can keep their hand in teaching through supply work, but, importantly, on their terms. You can do as little or as much work as you choose, and wherever you please.

New hobbies

Supply teaching could offer you the freedom to pursue other interests as you can take a week or two out or a day every week to do anything that takes your fancy.


If you’re thinking of moving to a new area, why not ‘try before you buy’ with a stretch of supply work there before you make your decision. You’ll get a good insight into community life, facilities, problems and advantages through your work with children and their families. Other teachers can also give you the essential low down on the area so can be a great source of vital information.

Test drive

Supply teaching offers up the chance to work in different schools so that you can make a more informed choice before settling into a permanent job.

Return to teaching

Maybe you’ve had some time out from the classroom after having children, or perhaps you have tried your hand at a new career and are now thinking of making a return to the classroom. For any school to take you seriously, you’ll need to show that you have up-to-date experience, are aware of current developments and initiatives in education, so time spent in classrooms to update and refresh your skills is crucial. Not only that, but you’ll also want to make certain that returning to teaching is the right decision for you and supply teaching can provide you with this opportunity.


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