Sharing Good Practice Introduction

Weekly tips/tricks/strategies/activities to use in the classroom: starters/plenaries/motivators/when the lesson needs a “pace pick up”…………

Ideas that are quick and easy to use – many require no resources just quick thinking and enthusiasm.

All have been tried and tested by experienced teachers.

Some will suit your teaching style some won’t- all can be adapted to suit you and your pupils!

Our “Sharing Good Practice” articles will be brought to you by Louise Butcher and Toni Graham.

Louise is a geography teacher at Fulford School. She has been teaching for nearly 40 years and has experience as a Head of Department and Head of Sixth form at one of the country’s leading secondary schools. Louise is also on the interview panel for Hull York Medical School.

Toni taught at Fulford School 30 years ago and is now a geography teacher at Ilkley Grammar School.

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