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ACTIVITY: Making a Revision Tracker Plan

THEME: Revision Tracking Guidance

ACTIVITY: Making a Revision Tracker Plan

This document can be used in conjunction with the previously discussed “Revision Timetable” or can stand alone. I devised it years ago to help one of my own children with GCSE revision. Since then hundreds of my pupils have adapted it to suit their own purpose and used it effectively. It gives structure to revision and ensures that the pupil:

  • Does not miss out bits of the specification

  • Does not keep revising the bits they are comfortable with/like at the expense of other parts about which they are less confident

  • Does think about every topic in every subject

  • Does revise in a variety of different ways – reading, writing/drawing, filling in revision booklets, testing

  • Does ENOUGH revision- they should not be content with simply reading their notes or the text book and thinking they have revised!!!

What the pupil should do:

  • Print off one tracker sheet for each subject

  • Go through the specification for each subject filling in the left hand column on the Tracker Sheet with each topic that will be covered in the exam (just doing this is a good little revision exercise itself!!)

  • Fill in the sheet according to the instruction at the top of each column

………..and that’s it! It is another lovely “ticking off” type of revision sheet that allows pupils to track their own revision progress. Very satisfying if they are revising well and can give a real jolt if they are “slacking”!

Possible adaptations:

  • For higher ability groups I give them the sheet and let them fill in the topics themselves: for lower ability I fill them all in (see example below)

  • Change the column headings to suit your subject and your methods (see annotations below). The main aim is to ensure that each topic is revised several times in DIFFERENT ways.

Please click the link to access a blank copy ready for you to adapt:

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