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Exam invigilators and readers needed!

The exam period is approaching so we are looking for a number of exam invigilators and readers to work in secondary schools in York.

Invigilators are supervisors in exams to ensure children participating in the exam are catered for. You may also be required to read for students with Special Education Needs.

You will be required on a temporary, day to day basis. Typical working hours will vary from full days to half days, flexibility is crucial to the effective invigilation of exams.

Duties of an invigilator:

  • Invigilators must be constantly vigilant during the examinations and should not engage in conversation with other invigilators unless necessary for the smooth running of the exam.

  • Continually watch to see if a pupil raises their hand to ask for assistance and ensuring that all pupils remain completely focused on their own exam paper.

  • Provide a positive and calm environment for the students at all time.

  • If necessary, escort candidates to the toilet.

  • Invigilators should ensure they are fully familiar with any instructions for the conduct of examinations.

Duties of a reader:

  • The reader must only read instructions on the question paper and questions and must NOT explain or clarify.

  • The reader must only repeat the instructions or questions when specifically asked to do so by the candidate.

  • Must abide by the regulations as failure to do so could lead to the disqualification of the candidate.

  • The reader must read accurately.

  • The reader must not advise the candidate regarding which questions to do, when to move on to the next question, nor the order in which questions should be answered.

Invigilators and readers must:

  • Be an excellent communicator

  • Be flexible

  • Have excellent organisational skills

  • Enjoy working with young people

  • Be professional at all times

All applicants must undergo an Enhanced Criminal Record Check (DBS) and provide 2 references.

If you are interested in exam invigilating/ exam reading work, make sure you get in touch on 01904 481800.

019048 481800

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