NQTs! Why register with Yorkshire Education?

Below are the reasons why joining a supply agency is a good idea:

  • Regular daily supply work leads to longer contracts- if you’re doing a great job in schools they can offer you long term/ permanent work. Schools want to be sure the person they are hiring is right for them- use supply as an opportunity to show them.

  • We have permanent job opportunities as well as temporary work.

  • Experience! Going into lots of different schools builds valuable skills which will prepare you for teaching life!

  • Income- you can be earning good money whilst looking for a long term/permanent position.

  • You will get to know the schools in your area, you’ll discover the schools that you’d love to work in whilst building relationships with staff in the school.

  • Picking up great tips- you’ll be going in and out of schools and each school have different procedures, different ways of dealing with things and a different ethos. Talking to members of staff in the staffroom can be a great way of picking up tips.

  • Confidence builder- if you get requested back to schools then you know you are doing something right! If not, we will give you the feedback you require to improve.

  • Induction year- many NQTs worry about not completing their induction year. You can still complete your induction year whilst undertaking a temporary contract. You can either do one full year in a school or spread your induction year over three terms in three different schools. This can be beneficial as you will have three different experiences which shows potential employers that you can work in different types of learning environments.

What we can offer you:

  • Access to employment opportunities in hundreds of schools across Yorkshire. We are contracted with the majority of schools in York and the surrounding areas.

  • We offer day to day work, short term contracts, long term contracts and permanent opportunities.

  • Regular updates on available positions in your area

  • Individual, tailored support to aid your job search

  • 24/7 personal service

  • Outstanding pay rates

  • Quick registration process

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