Raise Awareness for Anti-Bullying Week 2019

Schools across the country are raising awareness about bullying by taking part in Anti-Bullying Week which is happening from Monday 11th November - Friday 15th November 2019. Anti-Bullying Week is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and the theme this year is; Change Starts With Us.

The week aims to support schools to help children, young people, school staff and parents understand that verbal or physical bullying has a significant impact on a

child’s life through into adulthood.

Here at Yorkshire Education, we are excited about Anti-Bullying Week and want to promote that to help stop bullying, the change starts with us which is why we are highlighting different fundraising activities and useful resources you can access to help put a smile on someone’s face.

Odd Socks Day - Tuesday 12th November 2019 This is a fun, light-hearted day which celebrates people’s uniqueness. All you need to do is wear odd socks for the day around school or work and make a donation to Anti-Bullying Alliance. You can search #AntiBullyingWeek and #OddSocks on twitter to find out what other people are doing.

Random acts of kindness Get sponsorship to use a day creating random acts of kindness. Take photos of the activities you complete and share your stories with #AntiBullyingWeek to encourage others and impact people positively.

Have a digital holiday Give up technology for a day or maybe a week and stay away from your social media in return for sponsorship towards Anti-Bullying Week.

We can’t wait to see what schools are doing to raise awareness of Anti-Bullying week.

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