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4 Tips for engaging pupils with English

Engaging students with English lessons can be difficult, but there is a wealth of engaging authors and plays to help make the subject appealing for students.

English may not be a strong point for some people, but it can become popular when it’s taught in a way that encourages and rewards participation. Here are four tips on how you can provide English lessons that get the best from your pupils.

A selection of teaching styles One way to engage students is by alternating between teaching styles so the classroom doesn’t become predictable and stagnant. Students learn in different ways, so alternating teaching styles regularly not only keeps them more engaged but allows more opportunities to be taught in accordance with their learning style.

Videos are a great way to support English lessons, particularly with helping to understand Shakespeare as videos visualise the setting the story is written in.

Apply English practically Use real life applications to reinforce teaching. Some English teachers have experience writing for newspapers, online publications, or authors before working in the classroom. Introducing your real-life experiences helps students see outside of a school setting to understand how to apply the skills they are learning.

Incorporate technology Technology can help make English lessons more interactive. Students interact with technology daily and are comfortable and open to being taught through this. Technology provides a fun way to learn spellings, SPAG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar), and challenge friends through competitions.

it’s possible to assess students’ knowledge and retention of English by giving homework digitally. This can also lead to a more streamlined, automated marking process, which saves you time and can provide students with instant feedback and corrections.

Think outside the Box Try and plan a lesson that's completely out of the ordinary. Invite a guest speaker or go on a school trip. Your students are likely to respond positively when they try something new. Work with other teachers on lesson planning to generate ideas. Experienced teachers can help guide on what works and what doesn’t. Your students will find it more interesting to learn when you present the material to them in a variety of creative ways.

Yorkshire Education works with schools around York, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire and now is a great time to book a registration appointment.


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