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How To Become a Teaching Assistant with No Experience

Teaching Assistants provide a vital role in the classroom and is an area of work people can move into quickly. As the number of people choosing to be a teaching assistant is increasing, many are considering this route and are interested to know how they can move into this role.

At Yorkshire Education, we are excited to have an accredited Teaching Assistant Introduction opportunity which not only allows you to get your first step on the education ladder but means you can discover opportunities for work following your registration with us.

The course is led by an industry expert and gives you confidence to enter the classroom. This is a great way to become a teaching assistant if you don’t have previous experience.

Register your interest in the Teaching Assistant Introduction Course

To register your interest in the course, send us an email and we will contact you with further details

What qualifications do I need to become a teaching assistant? Generally, schools set out their own entry requirements, and you'll usually need GCSEs grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) in English and maths. You'll also need to show that you can work well with children, teachers, and parents. A qualification in nursery work, childcare, play work or youth work will give you an advantage. You could also volunteer as a parent helper at a local school or volunteer at Scouts to provide relevant experience.

We encourage people to explore a Teaching Assistant Level 2 or 3 qualification – which is a great follow up from our accredited Teaching Assistant Introduction course.

Who becomes a teaching assistant?

People that are thinking about training as a teacher find teaching assistant work a great way to observe a classroom and get involved to find out if they think it is something that is right for them. Plus, they get paid as well.

The working hours also mean you have time to complete applications for teacher training courses and gather current references to strengthen your application. Once you are a qualified teacher, the teaching assistant experience makes it easier for you to know how to use teaching assistants when they are in your classroom as you have this experience.

Teaching assistant’s help in many ways as they can provide general classroom support for a teacher by going round the room reinforcing a teaching point or offering more targeted support by differentiating tasks to help individuals learn in an alternative way. For example, working one to one with a student, leading small group activities or being involved with a specific support plan.

If you are a teaching assistant looking at working in a school, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.


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