Meet the team 

Joe Butcher
Managing Director
Elle Shanks

Joe launched Yorkshire Education back in 2014. He is still responsible for the day to day running of the company along with all things finance.

Elle joined the Yorkshire Education team in September 2018. With over 10 years' experience in teaching and management roles, Elle brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. Elle is responsible for all things finance and further developing partnerships in the secondary sector. 

Heather Ashcroft
Senior Recruitment Consultant 
Jordan Young
Senior Recruitment Consultant  

Heather is our secondary school consultant for the York area. She is also responsible for Marketing and Social Media. Heather is part of the original team set up in 2014.

Jordan is our primary school consultant for the York area. Along with Heather, she has been with us from the start.

Lydia Stone 
Recruitment Consultant
Claire Binns 
Office Manager 

Lydia took on a new role in 2018 as our nursery consultant. She is responsible for growing our presence within the nursery sector over the coming years. Lydia also looks after our CPD department.

Claire looks after our schools in North and East Yorkshire. She was tasked with growing the business in to these areas when she joined us in 2016.

Michael Lester
Olivia Wilson Compliance Officer

Michael started with Yorkshire Education in June 2019 as a trainee recruitment consultant. He is helping with bookings across York, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.  

Olivia runs our compliance department. From references to DBS checks, Olivia has got it covered. She also liaises with universities, introducing PGCE students to Yorkshire Education. 

Isabelle Watts
Recruitment Consultant 
Chief Dogsbody

Sadie only works part time. But in truth, she spends most of her time at the office distracting others or chasing rabbits.

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