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Supply Staff Testimonials 

“I simply could not recommend Yorkshire Education more highly. I was recommended to join them by a school, who said they had the best, most personable approach to supply teachers. I have much experience of supply agencies, but this is the only agency I would be happy to wholeheartedly recommend to others. The members of the agency could not be more helpful or friendly. It is the only agency who treat you as an individual and not a commodity. They totally understand the issues supply staff face and always offer their wise advice and support. They have only your interests at heart and constantly source work which is right for you. I feel valued as both an individual and a professional. They are honest, supportive and genuinely great to work with.”


Secondary Teacher

“A simply great agency to work for, providing regular opportunities across a range of schools but always with a listening approach to make you feel truly valued as one of their staff.”

Secondary Teacher

“Yorkshire Education are by far the best company I have worked for. They are very understanding of both your home life and your career needs. The staff are incredibly supportive, and they will go out of their way to find the schools that suit your personality. I couldn’t recommend them more!”


Primary & Secondary Teacher

“I love the people at Yorkshire Education and the assignments they have given me!”

Secondary Teacher

“Lovely friendly team, always happy to help. Really made me feel at ease when wanting and wanting for work as I moved to the area. Will give advice and support when needed. Social nights are fun, and you get to meet people from Yorkshire Education. I am glad I chose Yorkshire Education because they have a good reputation in schools, they care for their staff and are very accommodating to your circumstances.”

Primary Teacher

“Great company to work with, helpful and friendly staff. Easy and efficient methods for organising work bookings. Simple and straight forward signing up process to allow work to start within days.”


Primary Teacher

“I have worked with Yorkshire Education since the beginning of the year. The staff are excellent, very professional and supportive, if you are unsure of anything they will do their best to help you. As I hadn’t worked for an agency before I didn’t know what to expect, but I needn’t have worried. The assignments I have been asked to attend have been positive places to work and the link between school and Yorkshire Education and myself is very good. I can choose to work as frequently as I want giving flexibility and work life balance. Yorkshire Education are an excellent agency to work with I would recommend them to anyone.”


Secondary Teaching Assistant

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