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THEME: Observation, Wider Thinking, Showing Progress

ACTIVITY:  More Images


This activity works really well in Geography but I can also see how it could be done in any subject in which students may be given a document (of any sort) and asked to “comment” on it. The docu...




This is a really easy thing to do and it makes so much difference to the start of lessons – particularly ones with difficult classes!  Sadly the big downside is that it can only be done if you can be in the classroom befo...

Theme: Group work

Activity: 1,3,6



Group work! Team work! We all spend so much time setting up group work because we know / are told we should. Observers love to see it in lessons BUT………. There are significant barriers to group work. For me, two of the biggest are:


  1. ...

Theme: Memory/ Key Words

Activity: Memory Acts


A very simple, but effective, aid to memory. This can also be considered a “group” activity and demonstrates progress throughout the lesson. There is a little plenary at the end too! It is a really good first lesson for a n...

THEME: Reading Skills

Activity: Independent reading with purpose (2)


This is an adaptation of the Reading Skills activity that I wrote about before Easter. It provides a slightly different focus to the previous activity BUT works well if students are to be able to make...

THEME: Reading Skills

ACTIVITY: Independent reading with purpose


This activity is one which I started using with Sixth form groups – mainly because every time I asked them to read anything they got out a highlighter pen and proceeded to highlight the whole document. Whe...

THEME: Memory

ACTIVITY: Walking Dictation


We owe this activity to Deb Swann (MFL teacher in York) – thanks Deb, I have tried a variation of this for Geography exam revision – the pupils love it, they are thoroughly engaged and IT WORKS!


Suitable for: MFL (may work with...

THEME: Revision Tracking Guidance

ACTIVITY: Making a Revision Tracker Plan


This document can be used in conjunction with the previously discussed “Revision Timetable” or can stand alone. I devised it years ago to help one of my own children with GCSE revision. Since the...


ACTVITY: How to write a good conclusion


Originally I used this skill with A level students but now I use it to train ALL age groups – the younger they get used to it the better their essays will be when they get to KS5.


Writing essay conclus...

THEME:  Revision Planning


ACTIVITY: Making a revision timetable


This is an activity for the students to do for themselves at home. Ideally it should be done at February half term – but it is never too late.


  • Give them(preferably electronically) the blank timeta...

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