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Do you want to be a Teaching Assistant?

We work with the Secondary, Primary and SEN schools in York and the surrounding areas. As well as needing more qualified teachers we are in desperate need of more Teaching Assistants. We have day to day, short term and long term positions for Teaching Assistants, so if you like working with children or young people this role would be ideal for you.

Teaching Assistant role:

Working one-to-one or with small groups of pupils

Teaching assistants will often be assigned to individual pupils who are in need of additional help, this may be because English is not their first language or because they have learning difficulties and require additional help understanding or completing tasks. You may also be asked to help individual pupils who do not require additional support, but where one to one teaching is necessary – for example listening to pupils reading aloud.

Teaching assistants are also often asked to support learning more generally, either by ‘floating’ and acting as additional support during class activities or by working with specific groups of pupils.

Supporting pupils with learning difficulties or disabilities

Pupils who have been diagnosed with learning difficulties will sometimes have a teaching assistant assigned to them for either all or part of the time to support their learning. This support may be necessary because a pupil is physically disabled, hearing or visually impaired and needs additional support accessing the curriculum. Or it may be because they have learning difficulties and need additional support to understand and complete tasks. Teaching assistants offer invaluable support to these pupils, helping them to keep up to speed with their peers and can often mean the difference between pupils accessing a mainstream curriculum or attending a special school.

Preparing the classroom for lessons

A key role of teaching assistants is in preparing the classroom for lessons. This may involve a variety of activities such as photocopying worksheets, setting up art equipment, weighing out ingredients, preparing computers, rearranging the furniture for a particular activity and so on. In short, the teaching assistant is responsible for organising all of the peripheral items that are essential to the smooth running of the lesson in order to ensure that when the class arrives they can get on with learning as quickly as possible.

What we can offer you:

  • Access to employment opportunities in hundreds of schools across Yorkshire

  • Regular updates on available positions in your area

  • Individual, tailored support to aid your job search, including CV optimisation from recruitment & education professionals

  • 24/7 personal service. We’re always on hand to answer your questions, whenever you need us!

  • Weekly or monthly payroll options

  • Outstanding pay rates for both teaching & support staff

  • Staff drinks! We often have social events for all our temporary staff, we will keep you posted!

If you would like to register with us then please give us a call or contact us via the website!


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