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Secure your supply teaching job through Yorkshire Education

At Yorkshire Education, our supply teachers can choose to work for one or two days, a week, or several weeks at a variety of schools across Yorkshire. Teachers and Support Staff find this appealing in many ways. It not only provides greater flexibility when compared to a permanent post, but also allows supply teachers to earn a good standard of living by making this a career choice.

There are a range of supply teaching options available so you can choose the one that suits you.

Daily supply bookings

These bookings are where you cover a lesson over one or two days when the current teachers are off school. The benefit with this type of booking is that you can choose a variety of schools to work in.

Newly Qualified Teachers in particular value the variety of opportunities this opens up. Supply teaching in different schools can broaden your experience and give you opportunities to see different ways of planning lessons and managing behaviour.

With secondary bookings, the work is set by the regular teacher and the job of the supply teacher is to make sure the class complete the tasks set while maintaining positive classroom behaviour.

Long-term supply bookings

Long-term supply bookings are guaranteed work during a set period at the same school. As you teach the same classes each week, relationships with staff and pupils can be developed. As permanent positions open in the school, you will be in a strong position to be successful at an interview if you’ve already made a good impression.

Some schools use long term supply bookings as an opportunity to give people a ‘trial run’ to see how well they do before offering them a permanent position. At Yorkshire Education, we email all our candidates with the long-term booking opportunities we receive.

Let Yorkshire Education do the work for you

We do the work for our candidates. Once you have registered with us, and had your documents cleared, we simply contact you with offers of work. We have excellent relationships with the schools we work with and provide lots of support along the way.

Advantages of registering with Yorkshire Education

  • Access to relevant and bespoke CPD and training. We are very grateful to be working in partnership with Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance at Archbishop Holgate’s School to provide our supply staff with relevant and bespoke CPD. We believe you deserve the training that teachers employed permanently benefit from.

  • 24/7 personal service.

  • Quick registration process.

  • Outstanding pay rates.

To allow us to find you supply teaching work, the first step is to book a registration appointment at our York office.

One of our recruitment specialists looks forward to talking to you soon.

01904 481800

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