Continuous Professional Development (CPD) with Yorkshire Education

Receiving good quality professional development is very important as it allows teachers to be more effective in the classroom. Teachers want to develop their skills in order to provide the best opportunities for their pupils. This is why, at Yorkshire Education, we offer regular opportunities for our supply teachers to update and develop their teaching skills and techniques.

We are extremely grateful to be working in partnership with Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance at Archbishop Holgate’s School to provide all our supply staff with relevant and bespoke CPD. We believe our supply staff deserve to benefit from the same good quality training as those teachers who are employed permanently.

What is Continuous Professional Development?

Continuous Professional Development is about reflecting on learning and development while furthering teaching experience beyond initial teacher training. During this process, the CPD will focus on specific areas of teaching. For example, Behaviour for leaning, Dyslexia or Talk less teaching. By studying these topics, teachers can focus on how to improve and evaluate pupil outcomes and how to provide evidence of the improvements that have been made. Our supply teachers value the expertise of the training and enjoy the opportunities of putting the strategies to use in their own classrooms.

By registering with us, you will receive emails about the regular CPD opportunities which are available.

The importance of Continuous Professional Development The educational environment is constantly changing and CPD means that you can keep up to date with current practice to maintain professional standards of teaching. It also means you are more appealing to schools when we put you forward for long term bookings making you more likely to be successful.

CPD creates opportunities allowing you to focus on understanding specific areas in education. SEND is a growth area and developing skills here helps to increase your confidence when differentiating work for students that have specific requirements. This not only helps to grow your confidence levels as a teacher but gives you the satisfaction of helping pupils overcome their barriers to learning.

Our CPD courses are popular because they run outside of the school day meaning you don’t have to lose pay to attend. The training is through Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance, which gives a comprehensive professional development programme for both primary and secondary staff.

A personalised approach to CPD We ask our teachers what topics they feel they would like development on to make sure the courses are relevant to the day to day context they are working in. Register with us today!

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