What to expect as you start supply teaching work

It is easy for some supply teaching agencies to become so familiar with the supply teaching process that they forget not everyone they sign up has worked on supply assignments before. At Yorkshire Education we recognise that supply may be a bit daunting if it’s your first time. We strive to provide the best possible service to our work force which is why we are giving an insight into how we help you through the supply teaching process.

You receive a written booking confirmation Once we have called you and explained what is involved with the booking, you will receive a booking confirmation through email. This is a document that shows: The name and address of the school, start and finish time of the work, the school contact, and how much you will be paid for the work. Some schools have specific requirements, and this will also be on the booking confirmation. For example, some schools don’t allow staff to plug in external USB sticks to the computers and others request that all staff wear smart jackets.

Feedback from you on the booking We are excited to find out how your supply work went. We phone all our supply teachers, teaching assistants and nursery practitioners to get feedback on your experience. It’s great to hear about what you enjoyed and what you found difficult so we can help make the process smoother next time. If you have been to a school you really enjoy, tell us and we will try and send you on more bookings with them.

Feedback from the school on the booking When we place a candidate into a school for the first time, we ask the school for their opinion on how the day went. Schools value the consistency of having the same person as it helps build relationships with the pupils so it’s great to discover how well you fit in.

You also find out what the school likes about you, which is not only a great encouragement, but helps you to understand which approaches work well at the school so you can be more confident the next time you go in.

Opportunities for more teaching work Having regular bookings open opportunities to develop your skills further as we frequently receive requests from schools looking for long term cover. Being a familiar face in a school you have links with, puts you in a strong position to be successful at the interview.

To allow us to find you supply teaching work, the first step is to book a registration appointment at our York office.

01904 481800


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